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Meet Tony and Tiani...

We are Balloon Creations Hawaii, LLC.

Aloha Everyone!

Meet Mr. Balloon Boss and Balloon Babe…Tony and Tiani, a husband-and-wife duo that has been in the balloon industry for about 8 years. 


Our goal is to provide a different and unique perspective of balloon artistry by blending classical designs with the ever so popular/trendy organic concepts and exciting balloon sculptures.  As a company, we aim to provide exceptional service to our clients.  We specialize in balloon décor that will bring life to any event, party, and celebration.


When we say we do balloons…we really do balloons. We have the expertise, knowledge, and a diverse background in all aspects balloon decorations.  We really love to create with our balloon creations and hope that our artistry inspires and resonates with the people we work with.


We want to give credit to all the pioneers (balloon artists) that came before us and even some of the current ones now.  Thank you for paving the way and inspiring us.   Without you, our dreams would never become a reality. More importantly, thank you to all of the people we have work with and continue to work with.   Mahalo, Mahalo, Mahalo, Mahalo, Mahalo.


Check out our body of work at our Instagram page - ballooncreationshi

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